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For Customers

Finsigma's approach of blending grassroot financial services with a robust technological platform positions it as one of the most formidable operators in the realm of financial inclusion. Our agility and adaptability in the rapidly evolving financial landscape have ensured an unparalleled level of efficiency and effectiveness to our customers throught the following strategies -

  • Digitalisation of KYC for maintaining data quality, uniformity and reducing turnaround time (TAT)
  • Credit exposure based on locality and client score card
  • Multilayer client touch base
  • Grading of each groups every 4 to 8 months of disbursement
  • Paperless branch using an end-to-end Integrated software
  • Complete member profiling including geo-tagging
  • Notifying via SMS to individual clients after each financial transaction

For Partners

Finsigma combines the art of corporate governance, risk architecture and possesses rigor of a bank with the spirit of a social development organization–all built on an innovative integrated technology platform designed for Growth, Quality and Transparency. We are equipped with;-

  • Experienced management and strong governance structure
  • Flexible approach without affecting core process to suit partner’s requirement
  • Efficient process with technology enabled solutions to reduce TAT & increase transparency
  • Strong risk architecture at all level
  • Able to offer multiple products with comprehensive approach